30 Days of 3D Modeling

I was introduced to the idea of teaching myself 3D modelling when I stumbled upon a video on YouTube called What’s Inside of the White House?, the name of the software used to create the video mentioned in the description. The thought never occurred to me before, but due to the COVID restrictions I had a lot of time on my hands, so I decided to spend the time and try something completely new. Blender 3D is not only open-source and free, it also has a very active community and currently over 3 million users – and there are countless tutorials on YouTube, which is always a huge plus when you’re trying to get yourself comfortable with a whole new area of expertise.



Adding colour

What followed were a few smaller ideas, each of which kept me busy for a few hours. For the re-creation of my room I already rebuilt the actual guitar I own, but during the process I got the idea for a Berlin-shaped guitar. After that I re-created the covers of two favourite albums of mine in 3D.


Of course there’s always room for improvement, but you can only spend so much time dwelling upon one single endeavor, and as soon as the idea for the following project sparked in the middle of the night, I couldn’t wait to start working on it.

Animated Hamilton