30 Days of 3D Modeling

I was intro­du­ced to the idea of tea­ching mys­elf 3D model­ling when I stumb­led upon a video on You­Tube cal­led Wha­t’s Insi­de of the White House?, the name of the soft­ware used to crea­te the video men­tio­ned in the descrip­ti­on. The thought never occur­red to me befo­re, but due to the COVID rest­ric­tions I had a lot of time on my hands, so I deci­ded to spend the time and try some­thing com­ple­te­ly new. Blen­der 3D is not only open-source and free, it also has a very acti­ve com­mu­ni­ty and curr­ent­ly over 3 mil­li­on users – and the­re are count­less tuto­ri­als on You­Tube, which is always a huge plus when you’­re try­ing to get yours­elf com­for­ta­ble with a who­le new area of exper­ti­se.



Adding colour

What fol­lo­wed were a few smal­ler ide­as, each of which kept me busy for a few hours. For the re-crea­ti­on of my room I alre­a­dy rebuilt the actu­al gui­tar I own, but during the pro­cess I got the idea for a Ber­lin-shaped gui­tar. After that I re-crea­ted the covers of two favou­ri­te albums of mine in 3D.


Of cour­se the­re’s always room for impro­ve­ment, but you can only spend so much time dwel­ling upon one sin­gle endea­vor, and as soon as the idea for the fol­lo­wing pro­ject spark­ed in the midd­le of the night, I could­n’t wait to start working on it.

Animated Hamilton