A Twitter bot, written in Python, that randomly combines German words and posts them online once a day.

The bot was written in Python and uses a collection of about 4000 adjectives, 3200 verbs and over 400,000 nouns. It is programmed to select one of the eight word combinations (adjective + noun in plural, noun in plural + verb etc.), then pick one random word in each of the lists and afterwards post the final result on Twitter.

In order for the word combinations to be posted on the right account, it is necessary to register the bot on the official Twitter developer platform. Individual access keys will be generated there, which must be included in the Python script. The connection between the script and the Twitter account works through a module called Tweepy, which has to be added as an extension to the Python app. Tweepy communicates the output of the executed script to Twitter’s servers and ultimately posts them there. 

ToolsPython · Twitter API