• Album Covers for Hamilton

    Album Covers for Hamilton

    I was always fascinated with album artwork and already had some imagery in my head when I first listened to the original cast album of Hamilton. Since there are so many historical artworks in the public domain, it was relatively easy to find material I could work with. This is what came out of it. […]

  • Opening Credits, re-imagined

    Opening Credits, re-imagined

    This video editing long-term project was initiated by my discovery of the website Art of the Title, which takes deep looks at title sequence designs in film and TV. After looking through their archives, I asked myself the question of how a TV show’s title sequence can set the tone of how it is perceived […]

  • 3D Room

    3D Room

    After completing a few courses online, this is one of my first major self initiated 3D projects. I used plans, measured and modelled object after object to recreate an entire room in Blender, so it looks exactly to scale. Initially I planned on adding materials when I was finished with modelling, but I’m actually quite satisfied […]

  • Nostromo

    For the modelling of the spaceship Nostromo from Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien I used official blueprints, reference images and added my own ideas in a couple of places. I based the scene of my final render on a screen capture from the original film. Year 2020 Field 3D Modeling Tools Blender

  • Animated Hamilton

    Recreation of a specific scene from the Hamilton song Hurricane. Unfortunately I could only find blueprints of the Richard Rodgers theatre stage, where the musical premiered, not of the Hamilton set itself. So I had to use reference images and model every asset by sense of proportion. Year 2020 Fields 3D Modeling · Animation Tools […]

  • Jazz Portraits

    Jazz Portraits

    For a long time already, I was intending to familiarize myself with image colorization. I am a big fan of jazz music and that is why in this project I wanted to work with something close to my heart. Fortunately, I found this large, publicly accessible collection by American photographer William P. Gottlieb, who died […]

  • Alphabet Cut-Outs

    When I couldn’t find any particularly great, free collections of isolated cut-out letters online, I decided to create my own. I purchased a stack of vintage magazines, hand-cut hundreds of letters as I leafed through the pages and afterwards scanned and then isolated them in Photoshop. Year 2020 Fields Graphic Design · Commercialization Tools Scissors […]

  • Instant Film Frames

    9 easy-to-use mockups for Adobe Photoshop. Highly detailed instant film frames, scanned and turned into transparent background .PSD files. Simply place your photo above the layer labeled Placeholder – save… – and you’re done!​​​​​​​ Year 2021 Fields Graphic Design · Commercialization Tools Scanner · Adobe Photoshop Link creativemarket.com/cocoloris

  • 1,000 Gradients

    These ten collections consists of a total of 1,000 gradient background textures (5000 × 5000 px · 300 DPI · Grain versions included). The bundle is perfect if you’d like to create social media posts, stories, posters, banners, or other web- and print designs in a consistent style. Year 2022 Field Graphic Design · Commercialization […]

  • Guess the Song

    Guess the Song

    Can you guess songs from your favorite bands in only 1 second? Over 30 videos, each with 15 songs that have to be guessed from curated one-second sound samples. You’ll get three seconds before the answer is shown. Includes, among others: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Velvet Underground, Kate Bush, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, […]